• Ever wondering why washing of hands is needed? And how intense it should be?
  • Wanting to learn about pest & diseases of your crops?
  • And for specific pest & diseases with emphasize on hygiene practices?
  • Suffering from a problem related to plant growth and wondering how we could solve this?
  • Curious about other certification systems of other crops?
  • Or where to do disinfect with what product?
  • No clue how to map processes? Or risk assessments?

Plant Quality Solutions offers a wide variety of workshops fitting yours needs. Participants are challenged to play an active role.

Testimonials from previous sessions:

  • “Clear and educational presentation with sufficient variation”
  • “Hygiene test was a fun experiment and demonstrates the need for washing hands”
  • “The theoretic assignment in working groups was perfect for all levels of participants”
  • “I thought it was great fun to swap the story: how to get plants sick”

Some examples of already exiting workshops:

Recognition pest & diseases

Creating own best management practices based on the description of the pest or disease. Intended for scouters and anybody who want to learn more on how to build hygiene practices for various issues.

Risk assessment

Explaining risk methodology followed directly assessing the risks. With the risk profile, further actions can be taken. Assessing risks is part of certification programs GSPP and Elite.

Hygiene practices

A training to better understand what needs to be done to disinfect. Efficacy of different disinfectants and the “good old” washing of hands are part of this training.

Introduction to GSPP

All you need to know on Cmm and reasons why GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practices) exist.

Curious to find out for yourself? Let’s decide on the topics together and work out an interesting, dynamic, active workshop!