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Quality management systems

Quality management systems is a mission-critical operation of a company. Imagine to be able to operate efficiently while meeting the compliance obligations. Compliance is to many people having only standards in place; in other words ticking the boxes for health, safety, environment, people treatment and other. Well defined policies and processes, implemented correctly, will deliver better outcomes for the employees, communities and businesses worldwide. Doing right the first time and in the correct manner avoids extra cost; rework is always more expensive.

Plant Quality Solutions helps small holder companies with their information flows between business units with the correct people to increase productivity and business operations. Breaches in the system can be fixed quickly. Guiding principle for the quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 and using a deck of flowcharts with SIPOC methodology. Our philosophy is that employees in the operations usually know what to do, but defining input and output will help streamline processes.