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Pest & diseases

Diagnosis, root cause analysis and best management practices

Being recognized as expert in my field, diagnosing pest and diseases is obvious. Whether it is an ornamental, vegetable or fruit, a fungus is a fungus and a virus a virus. The support of Plant Quality Solutions helps direct towards the right testing to proof presence (or absence) of a pest or disease. A subsequent root cause analysis enables you to dive to the main root cause of the problem. Plant growing conditions, the history of events, susceptibilities and many other aspects are taken into account to find the true nature or have the biggest likelihood of being the culprit.  

Next step will be to propose solutions in best management practices. That could mean: different growing conditions of the plants, changes in fertilization, other hygiene measures. Main focus in best management practices will on avoiding pest & diseases. The reason of not diving into crop protection options is 2-fold: the allowed assortment of control options varies greatly per country. The other reason is that changes are very frequent, local specialized crop protection agencies are better informed on the topic. This does not mean suggestions can’t be made, but should always be discussed with the local crop protection advisor before implementing.