Plant Quality Solutions

At Plant Quality Solutions we love seeing happy plants. Plant health is more than the absence of pests and diseases, it is a resilient plant that grows well in its environment. To achieve healthy plants we look at the diagnostics, abiotic factors and most importantly the people working with the plants. Trouble shooting, training staff, defining best practices and adopting a quality management approach are key.

Solutions for healthier plants

Whether we are working on disease outbreak management, prevention or a quality system we aim to find practical and pragmatic solutions. The two main areas we work in are certification systems and solutions to issues regarding plant health. To us diagnostics (including root cause analysis) are the first step to getting to a solution. A diagnose is useful to determine what next steps to take to prevent the disease from spreading or re-occurring.

Qualification systems

We have experience in guiding companies through the certification process of Elite and GSPP


We make fit for purpose solutions, from diagnostics and root cause analysis to trials and disease management strategies