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Plant Quality Solutions

To start clean, or not to start clean, that is the question.

  • Whether you are looking for assistance to obtain certifications such as GSPP, Elite or Good Agricultural Practices;
  • Don’t know how to build a practical quality management system;
  • Or want to implement it in daily practices and systems……..
  • Plant Quality Solutions offers full services and gets it done in a practical manner and in a set timeframe.

The call for certified production and produce is increasing. Certification systems finds their origin in unwanted, often costly incidences of pest & diseases in production. All of these incidences have led to certification systems based one, single principle: “start, clean and stay clean”. Often easier said than done.

Understanding the risks helps to define how to start clean and by creating and implementing best management practices supports staying clean. The design of the facility; routes of employees and goods; agreed ways of working are further aspects of a certification system. Collecting best practices, processes, work-instructions and forms and record keeping to demonstrate that what you say is what you do are part of a quality management system.

PQS focus its activities to support companies to be compliant to certification. This includes solving issues related to the design of the facility, tissue culture or other clean production techniques and co-creating best practices. Training of staff, risk assessments, auditing and document management is also part of the offer. With the years of experience in various crops such as tomato, ornamentals and soft-fruit with their specific pest and diseases, PQS can rely on a wealth of knowledge.

PQS relies on a wealth of experience in certification systems, design of quality management and trouble shooting in outbreaks.


GSPP certification; Elite; “start clean, stay clean”; hygiene; vegetables; tomato; ornamentals; softfruit; tissue culture; quality management; pest& diseases; training; risk assessment; sustainability; practical solutions


Certification systems

Meeting requirements for certification is challenging. History showed that certification systems for clean stock programs are developed after a major outbreak of a hard to control disease. Examples of these clean stock programs are evident throughout all crops.

  • GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practices) due to an outbreak of Clavibacter michiganensis michiganensis in tomato.
  • Naktuinbouw Elite for ornamental products because of the virus issues in Petunia
  • Geranium-Ralstonia program to eradicate Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 biovar 2
  • Softfruit certification

All of these programs rely on start clean, stay clean principles.

Plant Qaulity Solutions facilitates the certification programs

Production systems

To meet the requirements of the start clean principles, facilities need to be adapted.

Moreover, to start clean, tissue culture could be an option to embed into the daily practice. Tissue culture planning requires a totally different understanding of plant production processes. It also requires a different approach related to true to type testing.

Plant Quality Solutions uses the risk assessment and routes of the plants and goods to create a simple, but practical solutions.


Plant Quality Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions to:

  • Train staff on hygiene measures
  • Pest and diseases: recognition, trouble shoot, root cause analysis
  • Setting up diagnostic programs
  • Facilitating resistance testing programs
  • Biostimulants