Elite systems for both softfruits and ornamentals depend on the start clean stay clean priciple. Which is a hygiene principle where if all the starting materials (plants, machines, everything) that are used in a production system, that the crops are at very low risk of disease incidents. Both ornamentals and softfruits depend heavily on vegetative propagation. This means that any virus, viroid, phytoplasma or bacterium can be transmitted from one generation to the next. The main focus of these systems is the candidate phase where plants are subjected to intensive testing. Once the plant is declared free from pests and diseases it can be entered into the clean stock area. From that clean stock propagations are made and the production cycle continues.

The workflow and processes are fitted into a quality management system. These quality management systems are based on ISO 9001:2015. If you are searching for guidance how to start with clean stock and manage the health status throughout your production system, Plant Quality Solutions can help you to achieve this.

A typical set up starts with an investigation of the crops associated, creating a practical list of must-do’s prior entering the clean stock facility. By the way, we also offer support in designing the Elite production facilities. For making the Elite system site visits are required. During the first visit the facility is mapped out, a risk assesment is performed and a plan of approach with timeline are made. Mapping out the processes and setting up a document managemnt system can be done online. Later in the process of setting up the Elite system internal audits are performed on site as well.

If you are interested or want more information reach out to us.