Good seed and plant practices is a system aimed at preventing Cmm outbreaks in tomatoes. Are you searching for support to assist you in obtaining GSPP certification? Plant Quality Solutions have a proven track record of obtaining the required certificate in a given (reachable and reasonable) time.

Starting the GSPP certification process

Such a project typically kicks off on site with short training session for staff. The session focuses on  the risks associated with infection of Clavibacter michiganensis michiganensis (Cmm) in the tomato seed production followed by a joined session to perform a risk assessment of the site in question. The risk assessment reveals the biggest pain points that need to be fixed. A risk assessment is a prerequisite of requirements for certification. Together we will build a plan of approach with a realistic timeframe to meet the deadline of the certification.

Risk assesment

Based on the risk assessment, it will become clear how to ready the site and which protocols are key in obtaining the appropriate result. The supporting documents such as quality manual, job description and all other requirements will be  a joined effort from site responsible dedicated employee together with Plant Quality solutions. The initial training package, a way of working for risk assessment, and the risk assessment itself are already the starting documents for GSPP to keep.

Additional supporting training for GSPP: check out the training offer by Plant Quality Solutions.